Best motivational quotes house the paths and rosy rays for the motivation and positive energies. Every one wants greats spirits and a hope so that she or he can drive or manage every situations. But, every one finds problems or get de-motivated in the frustrated surroundings.

We can try new paths such as

  1.  Being in the nature
  2.  Playing some sport games
  3.  Sitting in the temples
  4.  Attending some motivational events
  5.  Walking alone in the raw-roads etc.

These are the few ways where people can find the peace or the solutions of their respective problems. Though, we have tried here to show one the best 5 motivational quotes which are completely realistic. Always remember them whenever you are in the above mentioned paths. Just always remind these great philosophies told below for the life.

Best Motivational Quotes


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Source: Nomadic Soul Birju

Here, the quote has the beauty of the positiveness. The author clearly mentioned that we should behave as similar as our hearts desire, so that it can give us the taste of the satisfaction, colors of happiness and purity of emotions. Therefore, do what you want to do in your life.

Just listen your heart!


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Source: Goalcast

People are known through their behavior and politeness. In this 21st century, the depression and busy lives make the mind irritable. If you want to complete your dream or make a movement, you have to be a gentle kind heart. Because, a true behavior is respected by every one in every way. Be polite for yourself! The time will pay you back peace only.


Source: Love and Survival Fiction Book (Releasing in 2018-19)

If you are mature and value for the emotions, then, you will never hurt any true dream made by the others.

“Dreams are as fragile as the hearts are. They are the destiny of the soul and the identity of the life.”

 – Nomadic Soul Birju

Therefore, we should always respect every dream and try to help the dreamer to reach the destiny. You will get the true mesmerizing peace in your heart. Try it once! Please!


Best Motivational Quotes
Source: Abhinav Dawra

If you are true soul and always try to make others happy, People will remember you till the ages. It’s the history which witnessed that.

Make your story!

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Source: Dalai Lama /

Time does not have a heart, that’s why it is not emotional. Therefore, every heart should try to make others stand with the time. Never hurt to the innocent souls. If you do so, it means that you are not mature and dark minded.

Here we found some of the best motivational quotes which are completely realistic and truly said. Please remember ever

“Be pure… Think pure… Do pure… For yourself.”

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