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New Whatsapp status shows the beauty of the words and emotions. Here, everyone has their list of their best Whatsapp status which are fresh and heart touching status for the readers. Some of the coolest Whatsapp status includes quotes, thoughts, funny lines, emotional words etc.


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Source: Nomadic Soul Birju

Here, we are listing some of the finest Whatsapp status 2018. You can use them for love, friendship, and in more occasions.


Best Love Whatsapp Status –

  1. “You were who taught me that I also have a heart.”
  2. “Love is just a balance of two souls where feelings, care, respect, and support are the hearts of love.”
  3. “Don’t make relations with many girls… Wait for a deserved girl who will make your life brighter and happier.”
  4. “Trust me baby! I want to be yours… Not your ex.”
  5. “You are the result of my heart… Not of my mind. I love you…”


Best Whatsapp Sad Status (New Whatsapp Status) –

  1. “Time wrote you on my heart… But never allowed me to be yours.”
  2. “Money is just a bullshit blade which victimizes innocents… Slices peace… Produces tears… Kills dreams and destroy relations.”
  3. “True love who gets is the most lucky… Or not… Is a doomed survivor.”
  4. “I killed my present… Just to decorate your future.”
  5. “You lost your so longer love and peace… Just to get new taste and some short periodic happinesses.”


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New Whatsapp Motivational Status

  • “If you give freedom to the life, It will return you back the colors of rainbow.”
  • “Traveling is all about to find yourself… Keep exploring.”
  • “If you want to be creative… You should walk alone in the nature.”
  • “People always create hurdles and will never give you shiny rays… You have your life, so live it in your ways.”
  • “When taking a decision, Always prefer to listen what your heart says… The chances of failure will be the least.”


              “Whether it’s your gain or pain… A TREE is your truly best friend.”


New Whatsapp Status image, Best Quotes
Source: Nomadic Soul Birju

Best Realistic Status

  • “As long as we are in the race… Corruption can never go away.”
  • “Time has two faces… From one, it decorates lives… But with another face, it brutalizes and victimizes to the innocents.”
  • “When brutal time kills dreams… Life always creates some hopes.”
  • “Life is born to live… Not to survive.”
  • “The most intelligent souls are human beings… It’s true… But they are also the most foolish as they are playing against the nature.”


Here, we have given some of the best motivational status and coolest quotes. You can use them in any occasions as new Whatsapp status.

All status are sourced from a Dreamer page of Instagram named Nomadic Soul Birju

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